The Launch by Jane Martin | Watercolor Original

The Launch…

To launch… to start or set in motion…  In the case of a ship, it is a slow, steady, gentle rolling of a ship into the water.  It’s that same gentle rolling of this website that I am anticipating… thanks to Noelle Mena at Designing for the Creative. I can’t say enough about her sweet, creative spirit…. It has been a joy working with her.

So, here I am with painty hands and a smile on my face.

The launch of this website is the beginning of a brand new adventure.  

On April 1, my retirement will be real… another reason for the smile on my face.  After 40+ years of working in front of a computer screen designing and programming compute software, I will spend more of my time in front of a canvas, a piece of watercolor paper, or a wooden block.  Yes, there will be times when I sit down here in front of this screen and share both my art and my feelings.  My hope is to give you reason to return often.
I realize this painting is not of a ship gently rolling into the water… but a sailboat on rough seas.  This is a representation of this new adventure being launched….an exciting new life.

Jane Martin