Journal 2017 Closed

Planner 2017 Week #1

I created a 2017 planner from a Moleskine 2017 Weekly Notebook using Lorraine Bell’s Plan Journal Play Workshop (  My intention is to document my life during the year.  So far what I have learned is that there is little to document… I am living a somewhat boring life – not much to record.

Unless my life takes an exciting turn, this planner/art journal will be used as a place to document and a place to play.

This week consists of 2 pages… here is the spread.

Week 1 - Pages #2

In addition to the 2 pages, I attached a pink polka dot paper bag tip-in using washi tape.  The picture attached is the logo – with my 2017 Word – Joy.  It seemed appropriate as creating art brings me such joy.

Week 1 - Pages #1

The paper bag contains a large tag – both sides  pictured in the photo collage below.  The side with the “Document the Everyday” tag was actually created while at a Faith/Art Retreat in Italy 2015.

Week #1 - Tags

I have such dreams for this year.  I want to be more intentional in the art I create.  As yet, I do not know what that looks like.  But, you will be the first to know.

Love and kisses xoxoxo

Jane Martin