2018-08-08 What's on My Desk #2

My Index Card Process… Part 1

I confess…I don’t do videos…not yet.  Hopefully, that will change soon. What I hope to do here is to reveal to you in photos what my process is for creating the index cards that began with 2018 ICAD.

Normally, the first thing I do is gesso the index cards. Thinking I would start with 3 cards…I gessoed the card and impatiently waited for them to dry.

2018-08-08 #1

Well, not exactly…I decided to create some papers that I could use as collage.  I started by cutting open a return mail envelope.  These envelopes will give an interesting background for the gelli printing I planned to do.

2018-08-08 #2

I grabbed my Dina Wakley heavy body paint, stencils, and a brayer.

2018-08-08 #3

The paper on the right side of this photo was used to capture paint remaining on the brayer and stencils.

2018-08-08 #4

These papers are the result of a fun time of gelli printing. In addition to these papers, I printed on 2 of the gessoed index cards I prepared earlier.

2018-08-08 #5

I covered 4 additional cards with the papers I created. Here are the 6 cards that are ready for the next layer.

2018-08-08 #6

I took those 6 cards and added Acrylic Ink and sprayed them with water.

2018-08-08 What's on My Desk #2

Of course there was drippage…resulting in 5 more cards being added to the mix.

2018-08-08 What's on My Desk #3

….more to come…