2018-08-09 #01

My Index Card Process… Part 2

Using these 5 paints, I added more and more layers to the 3 cards I selected. The 4 Fresco Finish paints are chalk acrylic paints in the following colors:  Inky Pool, Pumpkin Soup, Dusty Teal, and Candy Floss. They have a very matte finish…as opposed to the glossy finish of other acrylic paints. The much loved paint on the right is a Martha Steward Satin Acrylic in the color Pink Dahlia.

2018-08-09 #11

Card #1

First, I added the Candy Floss.

I actually worked on the 3 cards at the same time.  However, the photos are arranged to represent the different stages of a particular card.

2018-08-09 #04

Next, I added Dusty Teal.

2018-08-09 #07

And finally, I added Pink Dahlia.

This card will be completed another day…with washi tape, marks, stitching, a chosen word with sari ribbon, and a stamped date.

2018-08-09 #10

Card #2

First, I added the Candy Floss.

2018-08-09 #03

Secondly, the Dusty Teal was added.

2018-08-09 #06

And finally, the Pink Dahlia was added.

The completing of this card will be saved for a later date.

2018-08-09 #09

Card #3

First, I added the Inky Pool.

2018-08-09 #02

Then, I added Dusty Teal circles with Pumpkin Soup dots in them.

2018-08-09 #05

Finally, I added the Pink Dahlia.

2018-08-09 #08

Completing the card…

I carried this card to the next level…completing it for the day.  I used a Stabilo Marks All pencil to outline around the Pink Dahlia flower petals. I made pencil marks and stitched around the card with black thread.  The canvas displaying the word “step” was stained with watered down yellow and Payne’s Gray acrylic ink.  Three pieces of sari ribbon were layered together under the word canvas.  And, they were stitched on the card with black thread.  Stamping the date to the tab was the last step.

2018-08-09 Daily Index Card

I hope these photographs give you an explanation of my process.

Thanks for stoping by…

Jane Martin