Janie Reads Her Favorite Book by Jane Martin | Watercolor Original

Janie Reading Her Favorite Book

The other day, I was driving in an area that wasn’t familiar to me.  I ended up driving down a street that dead ended through the gates and into a company parking lot.  Before I got that far, I was able to turn into an elementary school parking lot.  As I circled through the drive, I looked up and on the school building was

an emblem of a child… sitting crosslegged… and reading a book.

It brought a smile to my face.

Then, the thought entered my mind that reading doesn’t have the appeal to many children and young people as it once did.

How many imaginary adventures are never lived?

How many colorful characters are yet unknown?

How many lessons are never learned?


What can be done to create that excitement again?

Here is
“Janie Reading Her Favorite Book”

Jane Martin