Greeting Cards in the Store by Jane Martin ! Watercolor Print

Greeting Cards in the Store

I have had several requests for Greeting Cards.  Here are the first 2.

Wrapped in Blue


Wrapped in Roses


They would be perfect for Easter or anytime you wanted to cheer up family or friends.


Some people are very good about sending cards.  And, for me there is something very special to see that card and know that someone was thinking of me.  Emails are good… and Facebook is great to stay connected with people in spite of the miles that separate us.  But, a card… something you can hold in your hand is

O h   So  S p e c i a l !


I have participated in a Facebook Group with Jennifer Belthoff called Love Notes.  On 2 separate occasions, I was paired with a friend… we exchanged postcards, greeting cards, and sometimes handmade cards… for 3 consecutive weeks.  It was pure joy to connect with someone who would otherwise be a total stranger… one friend from New Mexico and one from Washington State…. miles and miles.  I even connected with another friend who just reached out to me and we exchanged “happy mail”.  We have communicated many times since then.


I hope to do better myself about sending cards.  I hope you will consider it, too!


So, here are my first 2

There will be more.


Jane Martin