Waves at Sunrise by Jane Martin | Original Watercolor Painting

Eighty-two New Paintings

Over the past two weeks, I have been busy adding to the store some of the paintings I have completed since the first of the year. Most of them are watercolor…with 2 using acrylic.

Here they are:

The Berry Collection

18 Watercolor Paintings and 1 Acrylic Painting

The Berry Collection Collage

birds birds birds

6 Watercolor Paintings

All Things Trees

6 Watercolor Paintings

All Things Trees Collage

Beach and Boat

7 Watercolor Paintings

Beach and Boat Collage

Plants and Blooms

10 Watercolor Paintings

Plants and Blooms Collage

Sweets, Beverages, and Things

8 Watercolor Paintings

Sweets, Beverages, and Things

Mostly Living Things

10 Watercolor Paintings

Mostly Living Things Image


6 Watercolor Paintings

Edibles Image


9 Watercolor Paintings

Miscellaneous Image

Sailing at Sunrise

1 Combination Watercolor and Acrylic Painting

Sunrise Sail by Jane Martin | Original Acrylic Painting

Note to self…Don’t procrastinate…Post as you go!

I hope you will take a closer look.

Thanks for stopping by…

Jane Martin