Spring Plantings by Jane Martin | Original Watercolor Painting

Spring Plantings in the Waiting

I apologize for my absence… But, here I am once again…

Many of us are experiencing little teasings of Spring.  It is almost here.  However, it is too early to put those  tender plantings into pots or into the ground.

So, we wait.

And while I waited, I sketched a tiny little dreamy spring corner containing a potting bench with potting tools, gloves, pots and plants.  Then, watercolors completed

my dreamy spring corner

I hope this painting brings a smile to your face as you wait for the seasons to change…

Jane Martin


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  1. Love, love, love….this beautiful postcard arrived yesterday what a blessing. Thank you so much for participating in #lya2017! Cannot wait to browse your blog. You are uber talented lady! Thanks Jane!

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