Loose Hydrangias by Jane Martin | Original Watercolor Paintin

Loose Hydrangeas and Fond Memories.

Yesterday a friend asked me,

“Have you every done hydrangeas?”


My answer was yes. But, I have to say I was never really happy with the way they turned out. So, last night I watched a terrific artist who paints loose watercolors, Olga Peregood… ladywonderbrush.blogspot.com. Her paintings are gorgeous.. and she had a class on hydrangeas. So, I signed up, and watched the video over and over.

This morning, I woke up to a picture that my sister, Jean, posted on Facebook. It was of our old home place.. the ph0t0 was taken to include the beautiful hydrangeas my mother had. She was a woman with a green thumb both inside and outside the house.

So, from this, the painting was born.


I am very pleased with the way it turned out. So, there will be more.

Mama had many beautiful African violets inside the house. She loved them and talked to them. They blessed her with beautiful blooms.

Maybe that will be next.

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